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Linder Myers Business Employment Law Service

Are you a business owner who is experiencing problems with employees or have uncertainties regarding immigration issues within your company? At Linder Myers, our solicitors have a wealth of experience, and are here to assist your business in all aspects of employment law with our practical and professional advice.


Linder Myers will work with you to resolve any issues you may be experiencing. Our trusted solicitors are part of a firm that holds many years legal experience, and our strength is consistently providing our clients with the best legal advice and representation possible. If you want a solicitor who can provide you with manageable fixed fees and an expert tailored service, call Linder Myers to find out how we can support you and your business today on 02382 148019.


As an employer, part of your duty is to protect the rights of your employees. At Linder Myers, our experienced professionals can advise you of your responsibilities in an attempt to avoid any future legal disputes and provide you with peace of mind.


Linder Myers can review your contracts of employment, policies and procedures in order to ensure that they are all in line with the current employment law legislation. In some cases, certain businesses are in need of assistance and guidance from a professional solicitor to ensure that they are following these correct procedures – this is done to limit the possibility of a claim in the future. Linder Myers’s expert solicitors are happy to provide you with this legal support quickly and efficiently in order to keep your business running smoothly.

Linder Myers will support you with the following Business Employment Law issues:

Non-Performance Issues


  • If you’re experiencing problems with a particular employee regarding their non-performance, Linder Myers can assist and advise.

  • Our solicitors will guide you in managing the employee to reduce the risk of your business facing an employment claim if the employee’s contract is subsequently terminated.

Tribunal Issues


  • Linder Myers will assist you with defending claims brought against you by a former employee in a Tribunal, and will provide you with much needed support.

Confidentiality Issues


  • All businesses have information that is vital to their success, and this needs to be protected.

  • At Linder Myers, our skilled and experienced team will take steps to help you protect your information from being stolen or shared.

  • Linder Myers’s solicitors will act swiftly and decisively on your behalf if a confidentiality issue arises.

Post-termination Obligations


  • A post-termination obligation within your employment contracts can protect you and your business after an employee leaves the company.

  • Linder Myers can assist you with drafting and enforcing a Post-Termination Obligation clause or separate contract with a view to safeguarding your business interests.

  • In the event of a clause/contract being breached, our employment law solicitors can assist you with bringing a claim in the Court.

Representation and Assistance in Tribunal Claims


  • Here at Linder Myers, we always try to settle disputes without litigation.

  • If all attempts to reach an amicable resolution have failed, our solicitors can advise and assist you throughout the Tribunal process.

  • You will be assigned an employment law specialist from Linder Myers who will have the necessary experience to skilfully represent you throughout your case.

Disciplinary Issues


  • Unfortunately, it is sometimes essential to take disciplinary action against one of your employees.

  • If this action needs to be taken, it is vital to seek expert legal advice from an experienced solicitor at Linder Myers early to maximise your chances of a positive outcome.

  • At Linder Myers, our employment law team will help you to protect your business by ensuring that your actions are lawful and compliant with approved disciplinary procedures.

Redundancy Issues


  • In the current economic climate, making employees redundant is often unavoidable.

  • Appropriate legal advice should be undertaken before the redundancy procedure is commenced.

  • If, regrettably, you have made someone redundant and they are now pursuing legal action, our solicitors can assess your case and advise you on the best route to take.

  • Linder Myers will defend your position and shall endeavour to do all we can to secure a swift and positive outcome for you and your business.

Settlement Agreements


  • A Settlement Agreement can be a fast and effective way of settling a dispute without having to face the hassle and expense of an Employment Tribunal.

  • At Linder Myers, our experienced team of employment lawyers can draft/or advise on the agreement for you.

  • Linder Myers will endeavour to make sure that your business is legally protected from the possibility of litigation.

Unfortunately, in a number of cases it is simply not a possibility to resolve matters without the need for litigation, and employment law disputes can be a costly distraction for a business.


At Linder Myers, our employment law experts will act quickly and decisively to resolve your issues, which puts your mind at ease and gives you the freedom to focus solely on your business.


Whether you are a large corporate client or a SME, Linder Myers can support and advise you throughout the whole process; we aim to resolve matters without litigation, but will represent you at a Tribunal if this becomes necessary. We offer fair fixed fees in order to make the process manageable for your financial situation – Call us today to protect your business on 02382 148019.


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