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Linder Myers Business Commercial Property Law Service

Commercial property is a complex area of the law. Linder Myers has provided high quality legal services for years, and will provide you with nothing short of the best legal advice.

Our property department is here to provide you with their professional expertise, and offer legal support for when you need us most. Linder Myers’s priority is to deliver straight forward, practical and professional advice; we offer a personable yet professional service that is tailored to your needs in order to fully meet your objectives.

Linder Myers offer you fair fixed fee prices, yet we refuse to compromise on the quality of our work. You can trust Linder Myers to be cost effective whilst still delivering the best results.

At Linder Myers, we can assist you with the following:

Buying and selling of commercial premises


  • Linder Myers solicitors have a great deal of knowledge surrounding commercial property transactions.
  • If you are buying: Linder Myers make sure that you receive the best possible terms in the contract and will undergo searches to check for any property problems.
  • If you are selling: Linder Myers prepare the binding contracts and respond to any queries from the buyer’s legal representatives.
  • Linder Myers deal with the sale and purchase of businesses that use these commercial premises.
  • Linder Myers deal with both freehold and leasehold, including; shops, pubs, cafés, restaurants, engineering works, farmland, workshops, care homes and open storage land.
  • We will also draft new leases, as well as negotiate and approve new leases.

Development acquisition


  • Linder Myers will draft and approve option agreements for the acquisition of land.

  • We deal with the conveyancing for the purchase of development land, and also the conveyancing when an estate is developed and the units are sold off.
  • Linder Myers will answer any queries you may have surrounding development acquisition; we are here to help.

Company acquisition work


  • Linder Myers deal with acquisition work on a small scale.

  • Company acquisition is where Linder Myers would purchase the majority (if not all) of a certain company’s ownership stakes. This is done in order to take control of the chosen firm.

  • Linder Myers Solicitors has a breadth of knowledge when it comes to acquisition work, and are here to assist you and answer your queries in this area.



  • Linder Myers Solicitors are happy to help you manage the licencing of a premises

  • Linder Myers can assist you with drafting and enforcing a Post-Termination Obligation clause or separate contract with a view to safeguarding your business interests.

You can trust Linder Myers’s expert solicitors to offer you their extensive knowledge in addition to an unwavering dedication towards your commercial property needs. Call us today for legal guidance on 02382 148019.


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