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Linder Myers Business Immigration Service

Immigration Issues

Linder Myers’s Immigration solicitors have a wealth of experience within their field, and are here to support your business by bridging the legal gap between your employees and the Home Office. Business Immigration is known to change on a regular basis, and trying to keep up to date with these often complex adjustments can be a challenge alongside your focus on keeping a business afloat.

Our expert immigration solicitors at Linder Myers are invaluable to your business – our solicitors can provide you with all of the correct immigration related information to keep you and your workers safe, and will support you in any issues you may have regarding immigration and your employees. Our skilled solicitors at Linder Myers are here to offer expert immigration advice and a tailored, professional service that fits around your individual needs and requirements for your business.

Employer Resposibilities

Keep in mind that as an employer you are not responsible for a migrant’s immigration status, but you must make sure that your employees have legal residence in order to work. At Linder Myers, we will advise you on all of your duties as an employer.

Linder Myers’s solicitors can inform you about immigration rules, visas, and much more. If there is already a claim that has been made against you, our specialist solicitors will endeavour to support and represent you in order to try and resolve matters quickly and effectively.

Illegal Worker Fines

One of the biggest immigration issues that businesses face is being heavily fined for employing illegal workers – employers can receive a fine of up to £20,000 per illegal worker if they cannot provide proof of right to work document checks. Illegal workers include: employees working on a visitor’s visa, and students with expired visas/working more hours than they are legally permitted to.

It is vitally important that employers understand that they hold complete accountability for any employees that are found to be working illegitimately, and are holding themselves at a high risk of being raided and fined. Linder Myers are here to inform you about exactly what you will need to do in order to protect your workers, your business, and yourself when it comes to immigration difficulties.

Illegal Worker / Real World Examples

Take a look at the following true accounts to understand the severe consequences of employing illegal workers:

Illegal Worker Example 1

“A restaurant in Hampshire has been raided, and three illegal workers from Bangladesh were discovered. One worker had entered the UK illegally, whilst another had gone over the limitations on his Tier 4 student visa. Both were arrested. The third employee was found to have an outstanding immigration application which did not allow him to be within employment in the UK. This employee has since been sent to immigration enforcement for further action to be taken. The business is now having problems with the government, and could be facing a penalty of up to £60,000.”

Illegal Worker Example 2

“A Hampshire restaurant was targeted by the police, and a gentleman who was illegally in the UK has been arrested. He is now detained pending removal from the country.”

Illegal Worker Example 3

“A restaurant in Dorset was found to have employed nine illegal workers – Dorset Police and the Home Office discovered this in a combined operation. The business is now facing fines of up to £145,000 – £100,000 for a confiscation order, and a £5,000 for each of the illegal workers they employed.”

Illegal Worker Example 4

“A Hampshire restaurant could be facing fines of £100,000 unless proof of right to work document checks are produced; Immigration offers discovered a total of five illegal workers when they raided the building. The workers were aged 24 – 51, and were all residing within the UK illegally.”

Illegal Worker Example 5

“An Essex restaurant had four illegal workers employed, all of which were arrested after a raid by border force officers. One of the employees was breaking his visa conditions, another had entered the UK illegally, and two had overstayed their visa limitations. The restaurant could be facing a fine of up to £80,000. The men have now been released on bail, but must report back to the Home Office as work to have them removed from the country is ongoing.”

Illegal Worker Example 6

“A restaurant in Hillingdon has been exposed by the home office for employing fifteen illegal immigrants. The workers were from China and Indonesia. Some had overstayed their visit visas, whilst others were breaching student visas or had entered the UK illegally. If no proof of right to work document checks can be provided by the business, they will be charged up to £300,000.”

Illegal Worker Example 7

“In Norfolk, a restaurant has been raided, with two illegal Bangladeshi immigrants being detained pending their deportation. Both men had gone over the limitations of their visas, and were subsequently arrested. The restaurant could now face fines of up to £40,000.”


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Linder Myers offer a range of competitive fixed fee immigration services to help you budget.

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Our business immigration team can also assist clients with translation in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

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We have extensive knowledge of the Points Based System, and have a reputation for successfully helping clients who have been refused by other firms.


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