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Linder Myers Intellectual Property Service

For many businesses and individuals, Intellectual Property is the most important asset they have. At Linder Myers, we offer specialised trademark, design, patent and copyright services to protect your brand, ideas and creations, maximise your competitive position, and assist you with all IP disputes.


Ensuring that your Intellectual Property is protected can be stressful and time-consuming. When you come to Linder Myers, you will be assigned an experienced Intellectual Property expert to deal with all of your IP matters, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business. You will receive regular updates of progress from us, and we will offer you honest advice and assistance throughout each stage of the process.


We know how crucial the filing date can be, and so we are happy to work extra hours to meet your requirements. At Linder Myers, we ensure a 48 hour turnaround for trade mark clearance search results to be returned to you, and once instructed we can offer a 24 hour turnaround for filing a trade mark and registered design applications.


We understand that starting or running a business can be expensive, and so we offer fixed fee search and registration services for trademarks, designs and patents, to give our clients one less thing to worry about.


Disputes relating to Intellectual Property can be complex and costly. At Linder Myers, we use our experience and knowledge to advise and represent clients who either want to challenge or defend against oppositions, revocations, infringement, enforcement and dispute resolution.

Trade marks

Protecting your brand is extremely important. At Linder Myers, we take all of the hassle out of registering and protecting your trade mark, leaving you free to focus on your business. Whether you are setting up a new trade mark, or wanting to renew an existing one, we will do all we can to make sure that your brand belongs to you.

  • Trade mark Search – If you want to register a trade mark but don’t know if it has already been registered, our Intellectual Property team can run a thorough UK search for you to make sure no-one else has your brand name.

  • Trade mark Registration – Once you are sure that no-one else owns the rights to your brand name or logo, we can register your trade mark here in the UK, as well as in the EU, in the USA and internationally. We will let you know when your application has been accepted, when it has passed the examination stage and when it has been published in The Trade Marks Journal, and we will notify you if your application has been opposed. We will then inform you when it has been successfully registered.

  • Trade mark Renewals – A trade mark licence is valid for 10 years. If your trade mark licence is about to expire, we can renew it for you, and we can even manage your Intellectual Property portfolio for you and send you a reminder when it is time to renew your trade mark licence.

  • Restore a Trade mark – If you haven’t renewed your trade mark licence in time, we can assist you with restoring your trade mark and regaining all of the intellectual property rights to the brand.

  • Trade mark Licences – If you already have an established trade mark, you may find that you want to sell it or transfer it to someone else. When you come to Linder Myers, you will be assigned an Intellectual Property expert who will endeavour to ensure a smooth transition of ownership.

  • Revocations – In certain situations, you may want to get a trade mark removed from the register. If a trademark is misleading or just isn’t being used, our Intellectual Property expert can help you to apply to have the licence revoked. Alternatively, if someone is trying to get your trademark revoked, we can assist you in defending against any challenges.

  • Oppositions and Cancellations – Contentious trade mark proceedings can cause stress to business owners. If you have filed a trademark application and now face a trade mark opposition, or if you want to oppose the registration of a third party trade mark, Linder Myers can help to make the process as painless as possible. We can also assist with cancellations of trade marks.

  • Trade mark Infringement – Infringement of trade marks can pose a significant threat to brands. If someone is trying to sell fake goods or counterfeit products bearing your brand name or logo, it could cause significant problems to both your revenue and your reputation. Our trade mark specialist can help you protect your brand against infringement, and can also defend you against weak claims.


New and original designs that have not been disclosed to the public are capable of design registration. At Linder Myers, we can protect the outward appearance of your product by registering your design, assisting with application renewals, and challenging or defending against disputes.

  • Pre-filing Advice – If you are looking into protecting the appearance of your product, we can talk you through the process and help you to decide how best to proceed.

  • Registered design application – A registered design protects the outward appearance of the product including the shape, packaging, patterns and colours and configuration. At Linder Myers, an experienced Intellectual Property Solicitor can deal with the registration application for you in the UK, the EU, the USA and internationally.

  • Maintenance – Registering a design gives you protection for up to 25 years and is renewable every 5 years. At Linder Myers, we can save you time and hassle by managing your portfolio, advising you when your registered design is up for renewal, and dealing with the renewal application for you.

  • Exploitation – You can exploit a registered design by granting a licence to others for its use, by mortgaging it as a security for a loan or transferring the ownership of your right. Our Intellectual Property expert can assist you with all matters relating to licensing, mortgaging and transferring.

  • Infringement of registered designs and design rights – It is easier to enforce your rights if your design has been registered.  If you believe that someone is manufacturing and/or selling counterfeit goods, we assist in enforcing rights in the registered design. Alternatively, we can defend you if you are alleged to be infringing someone else’s registered design rights.


Copyright automatically protects original recorded materials, from text, images, sound, film and dance, to databases, web content and software. At Linder Myers, we have the experience and expertise to help you protect your copyright from infringement, as well as assist you in exploiting your work online and offline.

  • Exploitation – If you have created an original work, you may be approached by someone seeking permission to make use of it.  At Linder Myers Solicitors, we take a personal yet commercial approach to assist our clients in preparing and negotiating terms of an agreement, the licence.  It can be a daunting experience especially if you are faced with a company that has a strong bargaining position, and so we will do all we can to minimise your worries and secure a swift and positive outcome for you and your business.

  • Infringement – In some cases, another party may use your copyright material without your permission in order to gain an unfair advantage from the material you have created. At Linder Myers, we can provide you with a written opinion to establish the validity of the copyright material and assess the degree of similarity between the copyright material you own and the copyright material the infringer is making use of. We can also advise if there is a potential claim for copyright infringement and the strengths and weaknesses of the case if you were to proceed.


Competitive Fixed Fees

We offer a fixed fee rate on a number of our services, including the registration of non-contentious design applications.

Our Commitment

Linder Myers provide a 48 hour turnaround for trade mark clearance search results, and once instructed we can offer a 24 hour turnaround for filing a trade mark and registered design applications.

Putting Clients First

Unlike other solicitors, Linder Myers don't charge additional legal fees for the registration of extra classes in trademark applications.

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