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Bernard Chill & Axtell’s Business Services Team

The knowledgeable Business Services team at Bernard Chill & Axtell understand how much time and effort goes into running a company. Our solicitors appreciate that when you are an owner, your business means everything to you, which is why we recognise that it is imperative to use a solicitor that you can fully trust and rely on if legal issues were to arise.

Bernard Chill & Axtell have seven offices across Hampshire and hold almost 70 years’ legal practice; we are here to support you when you and your business need us the most.

When legal problems appear within a company, the last thing you want, as an owner, is to take on a great deal of unwelcome strain whilst simultaneously trying to run your business. If you are undergoing an issue that requires legal guidance, such as uncertainties surrounding an employee, problems with a tenant or difficulties with customers not paying you, then don’t wait any longer – contact Bernard Chill & Axtell today.

Our experienced and approachable Business Services team are here to help and offer you straightforward legal advice. They will endeavour to provide the best outcome for all involved whilst keeping stress levels to a minimum.

Bernard Chill & Axtell’s Available Services

Commercial Property

Commercial Property can often be a complex area within the legal world, however our solicitors at Bernard Chill & Axtell have a great deal of expertise and advice to offer. This is paired with a fair fixed fee price in order to be as cost effective as possible.

Whether you are in need of help regarding drafting a new lease or would like advice on terminating an existing lease, our property experts are here to assist you today. Find out more here.

Dispute Resolution 

Having a dispute with a supplier or customer can be stressful and worrying for everyone involved. Maybe you’re having issues surrounding debt recovery, a breach of a contract or you feel that you have been let down by another professional adviser; whatever your situation may be, you can trust Bernard Chill & Axtell’s Business Services team to give you a high quality and reliable service.

We are here to discuss all of your options in accordance with your situation, and if needed, can provide you with cost effective, professional representation. Learn more about dispute resolution by clicking here.


When it comes to issues surrounding immigration, it is never worth taking a risk. Our Immigration team has a wealth of experience, and will prove to be invaluable to your business. Our services including dealing with illegal worker fines, and we are also here to offer clear advice on your responsibilities as an employer.

The Bernard Chill & Axtell Immigration team can also assist you in Polish, Latvian, Arabic, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu. Click here for further information.

Employment Law

Dealing with employee problems can be difficult, especially when it comes to non-performance matters or confidentiality issues. Our proficient Employment Law team are here to offer you a number of useful legal services within this area. Bernard Chill & Axtell aim to provide confidential information about your responsibilities and keep you up to date on current Employment Law legislation, to make sure your business runs as efficiently as possible.

In addition, our solicitors can help you before things go wrong by ensuring you have enforceable contracts, policies and procedures which comply with all relevant legislation. Find out more about Employment Law by clicking here.

Insolvency & Business Recovery

Facing a deteriorating business is difficult for the owner to say the least. At Bernard Chill & Axtell, we are here to support you throughout. Our solicitors will go over your options and give you straightforward advice as to the best route to take.

Bernard Chill & Axtell’s debt recovery specialists are also available to help recover debts which may even help your company avoid insolvency. Whatever your problem surrounding Insolvency and business recovery, you can find out more information here.

Landlord & Tenant

Bernard Chill & Axtell have years of expertise with regard to settling any disputes between landlords and tenants through quick and cost-effective solutions. Many disputes can be resolved without court proceedings becoming necessary, but if needed, our skilled solicitors at Bernard Chill & Axtell will endeavour to offer you the best representation and a constructive outcome. See more about what we have to offer your business here.

Contact Bernard Chill & Axtell Today

If you want to receive a level of service that is second to none from a highly experienced law firm, contact Bernard Chill & Axtell today. You can call our friendly team on 02382 148019 or visit our business services page.

Bernard Chill & Axtell's solicitors care about you and your business, and are committed to giving you the results you deserve.
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