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Linder Myers Business Dispute Resolution Service

A business dispute is often an unfortunate part of everyday life, and can arise without any warning or justification. At Linder Myers, our experienced team of Commercial Dispute Solicitors can provide you with expert legal advice and assistance, whatever the size of your business or enterprise. We understand how stressful a commercial dispute can be, and so we use our extensive knowledge to support and guide you through the process, leaving you free to focus on running your business. Whether your dispute involves customers, suppliers, competitors or partners, we will do all we can to help you reach a fast and cost effective solution.


Contractual Disputes

In everyday life, promises are made and transactions are entered into, from buying milk in a shop to selling shares in a multi-million-pound company. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be unclear whether your contract is binding, and what your obligations are under the terms of the agreement.

At Linder Myers, our Contractual Dispute experts will talk you through your options, and provide you with honest, straight-forward advice on how best to proceed. We can assess whether or not you have entered into a binding agreement with another party, and what your obligations are under the terms of the contract. Linder Myers understand that it can be a stressful time, and so we will support you step by step through each stage of the process.


The Terms of the Contract

Occasionally, the terms of a contract or a binding agreement can become unclear, particularly if the agreement is ambiguous or includes a term that was not originally intended. Alternatively, your interpretation of the terms of a verbal agreement may differ from that of the other party. Whatever your contractual problem, at Linder Myers, our professional and dedicated team have the experience and skill to assist you with your case, and will explain any legal jargon to you in clear terms.

Linder Myers handle all matters commercially and efficiently, identifying the true intentions of all parties as quickly as possible, so that we can then help you to decide how best to proceed. Whether you want to challenge ambiguous terms or defend the terms of a contract that reflect the true intentions of the parties, Linder Myers will do all we can to secure the best outcome for you and your business.


Breach of Contract

If a contract has been breached, it could result in the severe loss of revenue, so it is important to understand and plan for the consequences that follow. At Linder Myers, our experienced professionals will provide you with expert legal advice and assistance. Whether a party has breached the terms of the agreement, or you have been accused of breaching the agreement, we will examine your case and talk you through your options.

Linder Myers can support you in recovering financial losses as a result of the other party’s breach, or can help you defend against a claim of breach of contract. Linder Myers have a successful history of working with businesses to resolve contractual disputes quickly and efficiently, and securing the best outcome for our clients.

Debt Recovery

Collecting what is owed to you is extremely important to businesses, particularly when cash flow is under pressure. At Linder Myers, our Debt Recovery specialists provide clients with proactive, efficient and cost-effective representation, to help them recover their money as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Linder Myers have extensive experience of acting for both large corporate clients and small businesses, and will tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. Linder Myers offer a range of fixed fee services to help you budget, and will act swiftly and decisively on your behalf so that you can focus on running your business.

Disputes Arising from the running of your Business

Buying or selling a business can be a complicated process, and unfortunately a dispute can often arise during or after the transaction. At Linder Myers, our dedicated professionals have extensive experience in disputes arising from the sale or purchase of a business, and can advise and represent you throughout the entire process.
Whether you have purchased a franchise and not received what was promised, or you have sold a business and a dispute has now arisen with the purchaser or commercial agent, Linder Myers have the expertise to assist you with a swift and cost-effective resolution. Our solicitors aim to avoid litigation, although Linder Myers can represent you throughout Court proceedings if it is not possible to conclude matters amicably.

Directors Guarantees

It is common in business for directors and individuals to be required to provide guarantees in order to access credit facilities or money. Unfortunately, disputes can sometimes arise regarding the validity or the terms of such guarantees. When you come to Linder Myers, our specialist Dispute Resolution solicitors will talk you through the validity of the guarantee and advise you on how best to proceed. Linder Myers will then support and represent you throughout the process and do all we can to secure a swift and successful outcome for you.

Disputes Between Business Partners

Disputes between business partners can be costly and time-consuming. In order to maximise your chances of a quick and cost-effective resolution, it is best to seek legal advice on partnership disputes at an early stage. At Linder Myers, our expert team of Dispute Resolution solicitors can advise you of all your options and talk you through how best to proceed. The team at Linder Myers will do all they can to avoid litigation, although we can represent you at court if your dispute cannot be settled in an amicable manner.

Directors/Shareholders Disputes

Disputes between directors or shareholders can be extremely complex. At Linder Myers, we have the skills and experience to provide you with expert advice and assistance throughout the process. Whether there has been a disagreement about the management of the business, the direction of the company, or the rights of the members, we can offer you honest, straight-forward advice on the merits of your claim and help you decide on the best option for you. We will work with you to help secure a fast and amicable resolution, and will act on your behalf throughout proceedings.

Construction Disputes

Whether you have commissioned a new build or are just undertaking renovations, Linder Myers recognise that any delay in completion of works can have an adverse effect on your business, such as if the premises are not up and running on the original planned date. Delays often occur when it comes to renovations, and it is not uncommon for disputes to arise. This could be due to the cost of the work, what was included within the contract price, or the quality of the work itself.

When you use Linder Myers, our professional Dispute Resolution solicitors will talk you through all of your choices in regard to resolving such disagreements. This includes the possibility of Court proceedings, arbitration, or alternate dispute resolution. Our expert solicitors at Linder Myers will go above and beyond in order to put your mind at ease when it comes to any legal disputes.

Professional Negligence

If you have suffered a financial loss due to a mistake made by a professional, you may be able to claim for professional negligence. At Linder Myers, you will be assigned one of our Commercial Dispute experts who assess the merits of your claim and provide you with honest, expert advice to help you decide how you would like to proceed. We can then support and guide you throughout the process, and will do all we can to secure a fast and cost-effective resolution for you.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual property can be a highly valuable asset for a business owner. However, disputes can often arise as a result of other people trying to benefit from your own designs/patents, as well as the reputation that is associated with them.

At Linder Myers, our trusted solicitors are here to support you in all your legal needs. We can assist you with the following claims:

  • Trademark infringement

  • Passing off

  • Design right infringement

  • Copyright infringement

  • Domain name disputes


At Linder Myers, our solicitors understand that your businesses reputation is paramount and of the upmost importance, and therefore protecting its name from slander and defamation is a vital part of upholding your reputation. This is particularly important due to current social media advertising, where dissatisfied customers feel that they are free to defame your business without repercussions. 

At Linder Myers, our expert Dispute Resolution Solicitors will advise you on the appropriate action that you can take against anyone who is seeking to damage your reputation; whether this be through comments made orally, in writing, or online.


Whether you have already obtained a Judgment against someone who owes you money or solicitors at Linder Myers has helped you to obtain one, sometimes a Judgment is not worth the paper it is written on; unfortunately, a Judgment does not automatically result in an immediate payment.

At Linder Myers, our solicitors are here to help you with the following enforcement:

  • Obtaining a charging order
  • Instructing the bailiff
  • Obtaining financial information of the debtor
  • Applying for the bankruptcy/winding up of the debtor
  • Applying for an attachment of earnings order
  • Third party debt orders

Call Linder Myers’s expert solicitors today on 02382 148019 for all the further information and guidance you need on dispute resolution.

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