Linder Myers: Serving The Military Since 1947

Bernard Chill & Axtell’s Military History

Bernard Chill & Axtell Solicitors have consistently proved themselves be a reliable and trustworthy link between the legal world and the Military.

Our very own Bernard Chill was a member of the Military; serving in British Army during the war before starting his business. Since Bernard Chill & Axtell was set up in 1947, the firm has been providing an expert legal service that ultimately changes people’s lives.

This especially applies to members of the Military who have approached our specialist advisers for professional advice. Bernard Chill & Axtell proudly provide a range of legal support within this area, and are first and foremost here to help you – Bernard Chill & Axtell’s solicitors hold a wealth of knowledge in laws surrounding the Military, and will endeavour to provide you with Military discounts, professional expert advice and the best representation, all suited to your individual needs.

Bernard Chill & Axtell’s Services


Bernard Chill & Axtell are able to offer conveyancing even if you have been stationed abroad. All lenders usually require current servicemen to sign original documents; however, using technology to our advantage, Bernard Chill & Axtell can email these if you are overseas and unable to meet face to face. Bernard Chill & Axtell can also assist you with the process of help to buy schemes.

Bernard Chill & Axtell provide you with a free online quote through our website, and Conveyancing begins from a fixed fee of just £350 plus VAT and disbursements.

It’s important to remember that you can still instruct us when abroad as long as Bernard Chill & Axtell’s solicitors are able to contact you, as well as carry out standard due diligence. Being a modern, forward thinking law firm, Bernard Chill & Axtell solicitors have various ways to contact clients in the Military that are stationed overseas through online communication; our solicitors are happy to go down this route in order to make life easier for you during the conveyancing process.

Please keep in mind that if you want to buy a property overseas, you cannot instruct a solicitor from the UK unless they hold a practising certificate for that particular jurisdiction (aka legal authority.)


At Bernard Chill & Axtell, we have a dedicated team of knowledgeable solicitors who specialise in Military Immigration. To find out more about this and our Military discounts, please click here.

Courts Martial

Bernard Chill & Axtell are here to support the Military by providing advocates who are fully qualified and experienced to advise and represent a member of the Military through a court martial situation (from interview to trial and through any appeal proceedings.)

Bernard Chill & Axtell’s Solicitors and Advocates will guide you throughout this process, and can fully explain any legal jargon that may be confusing during a stressful time.

Divorce/Matrimonial Advice

If you are in the Military and need a hassle free, straight forward divorce with Military discounts, Bernard Chill & Axtell offer a fair fixed fee starting from £470 plus VAT.

Family Law/Child Access

Gaining access to children can be an emotionally difficult situation for any parent, especially if you are/have previously been serving overseas. Contact Bernard Chill & Axtell’s approachable solicitors today for confidential advice and guidance on 02382 148019.

Military Accident Claims

Making a claim against your employer for an accident that has occurred in your job is stressful at the best of times, especially within the Military. Bernard Chill & Axtell can help you – let our specialised solicitors guide you on the best route to take. Our legal advisers will endeavour to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved.

Bernard Chill & Axtell’s Military Discounts

Bernard Chill & Axtell are proud to be a part of the Military Covenant and offer Military discounts of 10% to all current servicemen on their legal services.

If you are in the Military and find yourself in need of an expert legal adviser, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team within a firm holding nearly 70 years of expertise and knowledge.

Have we got your attention? Find out more about the services we provide for the Armed Forces and the Military discounts by calling Bernard Chill & Axtell today on 02382 148019 or visit our website for more information and a free conveyancing quote.


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